50 Cent has often represented New York City to the fullest, so it's no surprise to see the legendary rapper taking a moment to celebrate the new additions to the Brooklyn Nets. Following deals that brought James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving into the mix, many have been eager to see whether or not the Nets would be capable of doling out damage on the courts. Seeing how much star power was added, fans have been optimistic that the Brooklyn Nets would be genuine contenders, to the point where a nostalgic B-Unit meme began circulating.

Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty Images

Despite 50 Cent's animosity toward his former group -- to the point where he once openly wished he could forget about G-Unit -- that didn't stop him from embracing the Beg For Mercy meme on his Instagram page. "New York lit again let’s go!" he captions, alongside the reimagined take on his crew's classic debut; for the occasion, Harden plays the role of 50, Kevin Durant is Young Buck, and Kyrie Irving is the Punchline King himself Lloyd Banks. For added immersion, head coach Steve Nash takes the place of Tony Yayo, who was incarcerated when the G-Unit album was released in November 2003.

While we have yet to see whether the newfangled Nets can truly level up and become to the NBA what G-Unit was to the rap game, it's clear that the excitement surrounding them is palpable. Perhaps we'll even catch Fif at the digital courtside for a few games this season -- check out his reaction to the rapidly-spreading B-Unit meme below.