While we're still waiting on updates on Street King Immortal, the album Fif seems to keep pushing to the side, the rapper revealed in a new interview that he's got plenty of other album titles up his sleeve, including one that might be Beautiful Nightmare.

50 spoke to The Guardian about his last album, Animal Ambition, which led in to Fiddy sharing his idea for an album called Beautiful Nightmare.

"I took all the dysfunctional behaviour, everything damaging or that wasn’t good in my life, and I turned it into the most beautiful nightmare you can actually create. That’s my life," he said. "Oh yeah. That’s the title of one of my next albums. Street King Immortal is the new one to come out, but the one after that might be Beautiful Nightmare. I’ve got thousands of titles."

Let's hope one of these thousands of titles actually results in a full-fledged project.