50 Cent has one of the most popular pages on Instagram. The rapper is well-known for his social media antics but, for some reason, he hasn't been seeing his follower count rise. He's been investigating and he came to the conclusion that he was shadow-banned by the social network, speaking out on the platform.

"I have been shadow banned," revealed Fiddy. "This page has been stuck at 25 million for a year. Smh but i’m every where so i don’t care."

People who have been shadow-banned are generally not discoverable to new users using the search function, also obstructing them from gaining new followers. As you can imagine, this can be pretty damaging to an emerging artist. While 50 Cent is a legend, he has had his issues with Instagram in the past, speaking on them and even switching over exclusively to Twitter to piss them off. It's not hard to see why IG would want to limit the exposure they give to Fif, who has been pretty controversial in the past, but this just seems petty.

Obviously, he is one of the biggest artists to speak out about shadow-banning. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Do you think that IG will put a hold on their obstructive means with him or will he stay at 25 million followers forever?