50 Cent is easily one of the most outspoken men in the entire music industry. He may not release music as frequently as he once did but he remains incredibly relevant to the game as people check up on his social media pages throughout the day to see what he's saying now. Usually, he'll be targeting one or a few specific people and today, it turns out that his target is Ebro Darden. Earlier, the radio host likened the Conor McGregor and Khabib brawl after their fight to when 50 Cent caught a chair that was thrown at him on stage at Summer Jam. He said that he would be hesitant about inviting them back to his turf if he was a UFC promoter, referencing how he banned Fiddy from Hot 97. You'd be silly to think Fif was going to let that slide as he snapped on Twitter, happily choosing Power 105.1 over Ebro on any day.

The artist posted a screencap of our earlier story, writing, "Ebro is a sucker l never threw a chair, and l never snatched a chain in my life. Maybe Kanan but not me." In case you're not in the loop, Kanan is the character that Curtis plays in Power. He then invited the radio personality to get the strap, adding, "Im taking my talents and sponsorship money over to POWER 105.1 fuck you Ebro." 

In a since-deleted tweet captured by Complex, 50 writes that Ebro is banned from New York City nightlife, noting that "He Will be punched in the face shortly." It probably wasn't a bad idea to delete that one. This war is starting to heat up. Check out the remaining posts below.