Both Diddy and 50 Cent have successfully transitioned their careers from making music to becoming entrepreneurs, impressing many with their business savvy over the years. As both have made many investments with different companies, the two know a thing or two about business. When news broke out earlier today that Diddy's company Revolt Media would be laying off one-third of its staff to focus on producing more lifestyle content, it was fairly certain that Fiddy would have something to say. After all, 50 has an opinion about pretty much everything on his social media accounts. 

While Diddy claimed earlier this year that there was no certifiable beef between him and 50, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper threw some friendly shots Diddy's way after hearing the news of the layoffs. Reposting a screenshot of an article stating the news, 50 added the following caption: "l can fix this if you need help, but you can’t be acting like no punk around me man Damn!!! 😡get the strap. #Lecheminduroi." With 50's companies and investments seemingly working out as well as ever, he may be a good person to speak with should Diddy need any advice but we have a feeling that Mr. Combs is fine in the business world.

In the future, do you think we will ever see Diddy and 50 team up to tackle a new business venture?