50 Cent's Instagram diss game is off the charts. His latest masterpiece came last night when he responded to Cookie's jab in his direction on the premiere of the second season of "Empire." In the show, she called him "thirsty" for repeatedly dissing Empire Records on Instagram, a nod to the real-life rivalry between "Empire" and 50's Starz drama "Power."

When 50 caught wind of this, he immediately took to Instagram to share his response. 

"I can't believe Cookie would say some shit like that about me," he said. "Thirsty? Me, thirsty? C'mon, you stupid?"

Then later: "Me and Cookie go way back. You know I hit that."

It's unlikely (but possible) that 50 actually has an intimate history with Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie, and more likely that he is being a clown.