About a year back, fans were convinced 50 Cent was broke after it was reported the rapper filed for bankruptcy. In 2018, he's made it quite clear that he's not exactly strapped for cash, whether that be through the alleged millions of dollars he made off a bitcoin investment he "forgot" about or the inking of luxurious cognac deals. He's also been a pretty generous tipper recently, as Page Six reports. According to sources at the Jue Lan Club in Chelsea, where 50 has been spotted four times this month, 50 left $300 on a $200 check -- that's a 150% tip. The report also goes into strange detail regarding the rappers orders -- chicken satay, shrimp fried rice and Beijing chicken for those interested.

50 Cent has not released a project in some time, but he remains in the news regardless, primarily for his tendency to mock other celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. Most recently, he shared his thoughts on Director X's Superfly remake. "The new shit was weak. Little X made a 2 hour music video," he wrote. The rapper has been increasingly critical of movies and TV since he found a hit in his Power series on Starz. The show is set to return for its fifth season July 1st. If it continues to do as well as it has, the Jue Lan Club staff should continue to count on those big tips.