Now that Ja Rule has taken his ball and gone home, 50 Cent needs to find a new sparring partner to keep him busy. Though Fif and Ja have a tumultuous history, spanning nearly two decades, it would appear that a personal connection is not a prerequisite. 50 has previously taken the piss outta former Aftermath labelmate Busta Rhymes, seemingly out of nowhere. To be sure, 50's trolling was merciless, with "fake nudes," neck-slander, and straw related innuendo. Busta clapped back, a born competitor, though he seemed noncommittal to the cause despite 50's persistent goading. Now, it would appear that 50 is back on his BS, looking to fill the Ja Rule-sized hole in his heart.

"This was God sending @bustarhymes a message," write 50, alongside an image of a bloody Bus-a-Bus. "I think he wants him to slow down on the drinking. You can’t drink and shake your head that fast man." Ah yes, the classic "passive aggressive advice" tactic. Will Busta take the bait? Or will 50 be forced to unblock Ja Rule and resume the war, realizing that Batman can only have one Joker in his life?