50 Cent is one of the more vocal rappers in the game right now. Never one to shy away from sharing his opinion on anything, 50's relationship with his family is one area the rapper hasn't shed too much light on. In a recent interview with Larry King, the Queens emcee opened up about his reaction to the deathof his mother, and his feeling s towards his father, whom he's never met.

"I don't think I really dealt with it in the early stages," said Fif on losing his mother at an early age. "I lost my mom when I was eight, so I didn't really understand at that point."

50 elaborated about his misconceptions about the concept of death following his mother's passing. "Later, they would consistently say, 'She's not coming back,' and I'm like, 'Yeah she is.' My grandfather would look at me like, 'He doesn't understand.' Later, you grow and start to understand."

Fif then spoke of his father, whom he had decidedly less kind words for. "I never knew my father. I never actually met him. Some people have that thing where they want that parent that they haven't had in their lives. I have no interest in it."

The rapper concluded, that with the influence of a father figure, he may have made better decisions growing up. "The mistakes I made early on... he could've been here to help me not make those mistakes."