When Gabrielle Union told fans to blame 50 Cent for her beloved Being Mary Jane series getting cut from BET, it was only a matter of minutes until we expected 50 to respond, and now he finally has. 

During Gabrielle's visit on First We Feast’s Hot Ones, she told viewers that she holds no responsibility for the show coming to an end. “For everyone who’s just really upset that BMJ is coming to a close, please send all your correspondence to 50, Curtis Jackson, who has taken sole responsibility for the loss of jobs and your show,” she said. “So don’t @ me, @ 50."

Just today (November 3rd) 50 hit the gram reminding Gabrielle that he told her "things were gonna change," adding, "no disrespect with all respect, I have no respect." Check out the post below.

Details aren't clear as to why Being Mary Jane got cut from the broadcast roster, but it's easy to assume it has something to do with 50's new comedy show that just got picked up titled 50 Central. The series will lead the new fall schedule and will follow a cast of upcoming stand-up comedians sharing their social commentary, live sketches and performances on a number of topics. The show's description notes that live pranks will also be something to look forward to. If 50's involved it's sure to be a good laugh, just considering his Instagram feed and his sense of humour. 

Another upcoming move by 50 is his role in the film Den of Thieves. 50, O'Shea Jackson and Pablo Schreiber play three elite criminals set on the first scheme in robbing the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Los Angeles. The film hits theatres January 19th, 2018. Watch the trailer here