50 Cent is known to engage in online beef and rivalry, usually shared with the public for laughs. The latest instance, however, is taken with serious consideration. As previously reported, Emanuel Gonzalez, a commanding NYPD police officer, told his fellow cops to "shoot him on sight" during a routine roll call before they headed to a boxing match 50 Cent was rumored to attend. The police department is said to have placed the incident "under internal review."

The rapper has personally responded to the matter via social media today. "This is how I wake up this morning," he stated via Twitter. "This guy Emanuel Gonzales is a dirty cop abusing his POWER. The sad part is this man still has a badge and a gun. I take this threat very seriously and im consulting with my legal counsel regarding my options moving forward."

He also took to Instagram to further his comments. "This is Emanuel Gonzalez commanding officer of the 72percinct," he captioned a photo of the cop, "He think he got beef with me,so he sending the Homies to put some work in. NYNOTSAFE #thegangstagotabadge"

In another post, he added, "I am concerned that I was not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD."