The man who saved 50 Cent's life after his brush with death has found himself caught up in a fraud scandal. Per Hip-Hop-N-More, the surgeon who performed surgery on the famed rapper after he was shot 9 times has now pleaded guilty to charges related to federal Health Care fraud. 

Dr. Moses deGraft-Johnson, a surgeon who ripped off patients from under-served communities, reportedly found a way to hike up $29M to fund his lifestyle. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, deGraft-Johnson has now pleaded guilty to 56 counts of health-care fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and aggravated identity theft. Prosecutors said that he would bill Capital Health Plan, Medicare and other insurance companies for procedures he's never actually done. This resulted in millions upon millions of dollars.

"It is critically important that we do everything within the scope of our authority to help the patients preyed upon by this criminal doctor, in order to seek recovery of the $29-million-plus that he fraudulently received and to prevent similar schemes from happening in the future — both by deterring the would-be perpetrators and by educating those they would exploit," U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe said in a statement.

So, the conviction has nothing to do with 50 Cent but his name still ended up making headlines in relation to the news. Hip-Hop-N-More's headline, which reads, "Surgeon Who Saved 50 Cent's Life Following 9 Gun Shots Pleads Guilty To Federal Health Care Fraud," caught Fif's eye, mainly because his name as mentioned in it.

"Got Damn Doc! WTF, you got my name in this bullshit for scammer. The fuck wrong with you. LOL," he wrote.

50 Cent's previously shed light on his apparent relationship with the surgeon who apparently sued the rapper over an unpaid hospital bill of $32K after the rapper made a name for himself in the music industry.

"See how they make me out to be the bad guy no matter what," he wrote in a post in September. "Boy it’s a good thing i learned not to care what people think of me. I didn’t get on till 03, the doctor came back looking for 32G’s. I said man, get the fuck outta here before you get shot. LOL."

50 Cent evidently feels no way about his surgeon's incarceration.