50 Cent posted a promo clip yesterday on his IG account, with the caption '🎼New Music coming soon🎤' giving us cause for excitement. It's been 3 years since the group has provided us with a cohesive project. I'm not including unreleased materials, but like a real group outing, hands in a circle.

It's entirely possible that 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks were toying with the public this month. Rappers don't really retire from their act, they might fade into obsolescence but practicing the arts is more métier than job, and Lloyd is only half-sprung to begin with.

The video that 50 posted depicted a group gathering at night, with Young Buck giving daps to those in attendance. The camera then cuts to the Nashville skyline, helping us deduce who's at play and where. Young Buck then breaks out in song:

"so i gotta keep rolling, i'm acting like i don't know 'em

stop talking just them 'em

no way we gon lose

they gon be praying that you lose

they gon be sayin' that you're through"

The video closes with an older gentleman making an allusion to a G-Unit project being in the finishing stages of production. Somebody get Yayo on the line, we can salvage this blood feud once and for all. Put 'em up in a Big Brother house and let them cook.