Last week, it was reported that 50 Cent won in the revenge porn lawsuit that was filed against him in 2018. When Teairra Mari's sex tape was leaked online, Fiddy had posted a screenshot from it onto his own account and, understandably, Mari was not pleased. She involved the rapper in her lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend but she ended up losing in court. Curtis had asked the judge to refund all of his legal fees but he was only granted a total of $30K, which would come out of Mari's pocket. Well, the Love & Hip-Hop star still hasn't paid up and 50 is tired of waiting. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

50 Cent has already uploaded a message to Teairra Mari after winning their lawsuit, telling her to pay up or go stay at R. Kelly's house. The man still hasn't gotten his money and now, he's a little irked. "Look Teairra it’s been a whole weekend," wrote the artist. "I WANT MY MONEY NOW!!! you ain’t got 30k, call your Boo tell him you need 30." 

It's difficult to think of anybody that is pettier than 50 Cent. He continually comes through with the most savage content and sometimes, it crosses a line. However, he's just chasing his money here. Sure, it's cold but at the end of the day, he needs his coin.