Earlier today, Andrew Cuomo held a coronavirus press conference where he touched on the current protests going on across America including in the state of New York. Though numerous political leaders have spoken out against the tragic death of George Floyd, Cuomo was visibly upset when he addressed the matter.

"It's the same exact situation and when does it change? It's not like the situation you can't understand. Here's a minority. Here's an African American. Here they are being abused and it's the same situation," he said. "It's been 30 years since Rodney King. Amadou Diallo in New York -- a reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for the reporting. Wow, great job by journalists! Great job, showing the injustice. And what happened? What was the resolution? Where was the progress? Eric Garner? No. I'm with the protesters."


It's a bold statement for any politician to make, especially when many of the protesters are being portrayed as "THUGS" by the President of the United States. 50 Cent shared this clip on Instagram where he praised Cuomo for speaking out against police brutality.

"THIS IS THE GUY RIGHT HERE, He doesn’t want to but we need him to be president," 50 captioned the post. 

Hours before sharing this clip, 50 Cent shared a video of a woman getting thrown by police officers to the curb during the protesters. "ok the cops are starting to act like they are a damn gang, what is this cops name and badge number. That girl was 100 pounds he didn’t have to do that. they would arrest someone and charge them with assault for the same thing," he wrote. 

The police have since said they would be investigating the matter, though, when has that actually solved any problems? Especially after the police accused her of spitting in the officer's face, an allegation she has since denied.

"This was me, and I want to make one thing clear to all the people that are commenting lies below this video. I did NOT spit in this officers face. I was wearing a face mask. He told me to get out of the street and then immediately threw me out of the way," a woman claiming to be the victim said on Twitter.