In the wake of warning anybody and everybody, including Blac Chyna's new boyfriend Devin Haney, to get the strap, 50 Cent has taken some time to engage in a little bit of R&R. Granted, he's still coming through heavy on the "get the strap," but such has become expected at this point. In any case, Fif took a break from promoting Power and doling out wisdom to those making questionable decisions to head out to Miami. There, he went on to cross paths with a fellow New Yorker, Fat Joe

One thing is certain. In 50 Cent's eyes, Fat Joe has graduated from window shopper to legitimate buyer. In his caption, 50 gives Joey some props over his chosen wrist attire, a Royal Oak Audemars Piguet. According to Fif, the watches run over a million dollars, though some more affordable options exist closer to the five-hundred thousand price range. Suffice it to say, both Fat Joe and 50 Cent have expanded their net worth, having branched out into a variety of non-musical revenue streams. It's cool to see these once-rivals post up as allies, proving once again that beef in hip-hop can be fleeting, and often squash-able once cool heads prevail. 

Bonus points to the gentleman holding it down with the clutch photo-bomb.