50 Cent often uses his social media platforms to comment on hot topics or troll his haters. When he isn't up to those kinds of antics, his following can often catch the rapper flexing. 

His latest post depicts the entertainer as a boss. Fifty uploaded a photoset of himself posing on a jet landing in black and white gear, mixing casual style with affluent taste. His caption isn't about his next destination. It reflects the bigger picture instead: the entrepreneur was on, has been on and will always be on.

"Oh they said l fell off, who said l fell off? Why da f*ck would you be repeating that 👀N*gga lm a rap tycoon, make a 100 mill by June. Now who the f*ck said l can’t rap. 🤔get the strap #lecheminduroi."

He doesn't specify who "they" are, but he might be referring to those who bashed his last single. After a hiatus spent away from the production of original music for his personal projects, the rap veteran came through with "Get The Strap." Some fans were second-guessing his choice of collaborators.

Either way, there is no doubt the dude is doing well for himself. At this point, he's more than a triple-threat.