50 Cent has established himself as one of the internet's biggest trolls. Regularly updating his Instagram feed to stir up some drama or simply elicit laughter from his fans, the rapper-turned-entrepreneur always has something interesting on his socials. Yesterday, he was commenting on the very real-life fighting happening between boxers Jarrell Miller & Deontay Wilder, adding fuel to their clash. Earlier this year, he turned heads by making disrespectful comments towards Rick Ross while he was working through serious health issues. Today is no different as he has reposted a hilarious video trolling the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The video shows President Trump walking into a classroom of elementary school children while one kid lets out a haunting scream at the sight of him. A choir of children's cries fills the room as the original youngster hilariously backs away from Trump with swiftness. 50's caption of the photo affirms his stance on the current President, writing, "Kids be knowing when your sprit [sic] ain’t right. They like 👀oh hell no." Much like how dogs are alleged to sense ghosts and spirits, Fif jokes that the children can tell from his aura that The Donald is up to no good.

Check out the video below and have a laugh. Would you react any differently if you were to meet Donald Trump?