50 Cent has a habit of posting content that deals with homosexuality. His uploads are usually shared for laughs regardless of how offensive they might be for some of his following. The rapper continues this trend today. This time, however, he presents a video not only for his own questionable satisfaction but also in solidarity for his homie Kevin Hart.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

The clip appears on his Instagram page. It's a skit that portrays an awkward scenario: a young man engaging in physical intimacy with another man who is then interrupted by his mother. The actress ultimately throws herself to the ground in despair and leaves the room, crawling out the bedroom door. Her son's lover exits the scene through a small trap door a la Get Out. The whole thing is absurd when placing the real-life experiences of closeted gays out of mind. Still, the low-budget production alone is enough to attract a few laughs.

Fif shared the clip and contextualized his point with his own joke through the caption:" LOL I know what I fucking saw Justin, I know what I fuckin saw 👀 Kevin Hart is gonna have to apologize for this shit. LOL #bellator." No "cheminduroi" hashtags were included, however. He deleted the whole post within 10 minutes anyway.