50 Cent is one of the most prominent kings of trolling. He flings around insults in humorous social media posts taking shots at any target he deems worthy of his time. The rapper carved out a part of his busy schedule to remind folks of his credible voice of critique in his latest IG post.

He uploaded an image of himself in a judge's chair wielding a gavel. He pairs the photo with a rhyming caption explaining his role as an entity of judgment. He makes it clear that those who suffer under the weight of his sentences are completely undeserving of his mercy.

"I’m the judge of when enough is enough,Suckers don’t deserve mercy.l have no sympathy, I’m fresh out of empathy. lm feeling they should just leave me alone. #lecheminduroi but of course a sucker would disagree. 🤨get the strap #bellator #lecheminduroi"

This statement comes shortly after his making fun of Ja Rule and Ashanti's seemingly ailing careers. Fans keep clamoring for a joint project from the pair, a venture that would surely revive their iconic status. Ashanti's failed concert seemed to point to this fact, after selling a mere 24 tickets. 50 Cent hopped on this L to mock his fellow entertainers.