Fear surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic continues to rise and we can use as many laughs as possible right now. 50 Cent's social media pages have always been a reliable source for a good chuckle and, this morning, the legendary rapper came through once again.

Instead of freaking out like the majority of Americans, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is keeping cool, calm, and collected, reacting to the virus outbreak with hilarious memes that we can all enjoy. Sharing an edited CNN headline about COVID-19, Jackson joked that he had found the cure for coronavirus: constant sex.

50 Cent coronavirus
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Oh ok we gonna be alright," giggled the television producer. He went on to support one of his friends, Young M.A, by including an image of her very own branded sex toy.

"@youngma so live got ya bitch over there doing things," wrote 50 Cent on a photo of the rapper's dildo, still in the package.

Of course, there is no known cure for the growing pandemic. While the issue still hasn't reached its peak in North America, we can look to countries like China and Italy, who are currently battling through the worst of the illness. China has already started to re-open service centres, allowing us to breathe a little easier.