It's already hard to predict where 50 Cent's business ventures will take him next, and his new partnering with the Swan racing NASCAR team has thrown us yet another curveball. Fif will be lending his SMS Audio branding to two of the team's cars and drivers, serving as an official sponsor.

The hip hop mogul elaborated on his business plans in an interview with ESPN, speaking on his lifetime love of cars, his awkward encounter with reporter Erin Andrews, as well as his new album.

Read some excerpts from the interview below.

50, let’s start with the NASCAR deal. If we were playing a name association game where somebody says “NASCAR,” I’d never in a million years utter “50 Cent.” How did this venture come about?

[Laughs] Well, it’s collaboration between SMS and Swan Racing. I attended the Daytona 500 last year and there was so much publicity — and an awkward moment: I was saying hi to [reporter] Erin Andrews and she turned around right at the same time, and I almost kissed her. It got 10 million views online. And I enjoyed myself [at the race] and I became open to the idea. I watched it a lot on TV and hung out with [drivers] at parties, but that was the first race I actually attended.

What is it about the sport that appeals to you?

I liked NASCAR before I knew what it was. I had toy cars as a kid. I developed a fetish. Listen, parents paint the room pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and if they’re buying a toy for a boy, it’d be a car. I’d actually cry if I didn’t have my cars. So I already had that fascination.

Say no more — I loved my Hot Wheels.

They did it to you, too. [Laughs] I love those little cars that you roll and you make the noise.

I’m picturing Little 50 making engine noises for his toy cars.

[Laughs.] Yup, just manual car movement back then.

What was it about Swan Racing that made them a good fit for SMS?

It’s a young company, and they got really good drivers with something to prove. The Seahawks showed us in the Super Bowl that a young team can make things happen. We got two drivers that SMS will be connected to: Colt Whitt and Parker Kligerman. They’re both in the running for rookie of The year. They’re hungry. You want to be attached to that. Sometimes, people in a good spot become complacent. You won’t outwork these guys. I’m conscious of that.

I’d imagine few things in this world scare you. Is racing around a NASCAR track one of them?

For people who haven’t been to a race, I urge them to get out there. I thought I knew what it was, watching it on TV. But when you go there, you can feel the car moving around the track. It gives you a new perspective. I have a car collection myself.

What’s the fastest car you’ve got?

Right now, I got a Lamborghini. I don’t actually race it. But the Porsche [911] Turbo is fast. I’d rather race the Porsche Turbo on an actual track.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?

You mean on the highway? Like 120 mph.

I won’t tell anybody.

Naw, it was late night! I ain’t got no ticket — how you gonna confirm it? [Laughs.] You know I entertain people. Well, I was doing that for entertainment.

When can we expect your next album?

Now that I have everything cleared up, I’m ready to release music, and I’m really excited about it. I got a project coming out: “Animal Ambition” will be out before the first quarter ends. It’s about the untamed desire to win.