On Saturday night, 50 Cent was the special guest and performer at Jimmy'z nightclub in the luxury town and party destination of Monte Carlo, located in the city-state of Monaco, where 50 also filmed his famous "Window Shopper" video. He was joined at the club by an even more famous guest, Justin Bieber, who seemed to be there solely to party and not for promotional purposes. He was in town for the Monaco Grand Prix. Bieber is somewhat of an honorary rap star these days, and it seems that he and Fif are close friends and drinking buddies, as evidenced by the footage taken from last night's party. 

Biebs joined 50 on stage and took the mic for a short time in order to let the crowd know that "we got an icon in the building!" He proceeded to shake up a bottle of expensive bubbly in order to shower the crowd, and he also made sure to fill 50's cup as the G-Unit boss gave a toast. 

50 performed a few classics throughout the night, and he had Bieber geeking especially hard during "Just a Lil Bit." 50 also dropped some more recent material, including his Kanan Tape collab with Post Malone, "Tryna Fuck Me Over." Bieber knew all of the words to that one too. Look closely, and you'll notice another famous face lurking in the corner -- the unmissable nose of Adrien Brody. What an odd (but amazing) group of friends. 

Tired of seeing Bieber's name in the hip-hop headlines? Well, it could be a long summer, as he's about to drop a remix of Drake's No. 1 single "One Dance."