50 Cent recently made his first foray into the world of late-night sketch comedy and, so far, the reviews have been largely positive. 50 Central is one of the new shows that BET added to its fall schedule, mixing comedy and racially-charged social commentary that, frankly, you probably won't get anywhere else. A man not known for mincing his words, Fif would seem like the perfect candidate to be the driving force behind a show that, across the pop culture spectrum, isn't going to be taking any prisoners. Even fictional characters aren't safe, as witnessed by a new clip that he shared on social media. It begs the question: what if Spider-Man wasn't who or what he seemed?

In the video snippet that 50 Cent posted to his Instagram page, the rapper stars as your friendly neighborhood web-slinger, descending from a building in an upside-down fashion in order to speak to the actress playing Mary Jane, the woman who is the apple of Peter Parker's eye. It's a play off of the famous scene from the very first Spider-Man film, which debuted in 2002 (has it been that long?). Originally starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, the hero and his potential love share a kiss that instantly became an iconic cinema image. You can view the original scene below.

However, there's one big difference in the 50 Central version: Spider-Man, as the Dunst stand-in puts it, isn't what people might expect. However, as she stammers to collect herself after letting that initial reaction slip, she says that the difference explains many things, such as the fact that Spider-Man can jump so high. 50 corrects her, assuring her that, no, it's because of the radioactive spider bite. I mean, hasn't she seen the movies? In any case, you can peep the clip 50 Cent shared below.

Who knows if this will lead to more superhero parodies from the cast and crew over at 50 Central, but we've been trying to picture a Spider-Man reboot starring the rapper and, well, let's just say we'd definitely be down to watch it. Would you pay to see 50 Cent as a member of the MCU? Let us know what you think.