Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson appeared on an episode of The View, during which "#MeToo" movement was discussed. The hosts of the daytime television show asked the rapper to speak about his making fun of Terry Crews. 50 Cent responded by saying, "I would never make fun of a sexual assault victim." In 50's mind, his Instagram trolling was aimed at a "big" man: "I'm looking at the hulk." As such, he did not recognize Terry's vulnerability in the situation. 

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the show's hosts, pointed out that Crews froze because he was in shock. She and 50 agreed that nobody could be prepared for such a situation. 50 Cent says he wouldn't be prepared either: "I'd have to be bailed out. Y'all would have to bail me out." Of course, he is insinuating a violent reflex, a show of the machismo he is known for.

Curtis was also asked about "#Metoo"'s place in music. The artist justified leaving this societal question out of the creative process by saying that many artists have a "limited range." In his opinion, they would have to "study" in order to shape content that would align with the values approved by mainstream society. As if to say that studying shouldn't be part of one's craft. 

When the segment was about to end, Curtis made sure to update everyone on the state of his financial situation. He smiles when he declares, "I'm back Whoopi, I'm still rich. Last time I was here I was bankrupt."