It looks like 50 Cent can sympathize with the situation Tekashi 6ix9ine has found himself in. In a recent interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, the G-Unit rapper spoke about Tekashi snitching and said that he “could identify how he was feeling,” saying its hard to throw your life away for someone who’s sleeping with your baby mama and wanting you killed.

“I don’t even know how to explain it. Under those circumstances I don't know. I can identify how he was feeling. When you find out Shotti is sleeping with your baby mama.. angry with you enough to kill you…then you don’t want them to get no money,” 50 said.

"He's completely alienated. There's no way out of it," 50 added of 6ix9ine's possible thought process. "You can sit in jail for the rest of your life or for 20 years of your life, and support and be loyal to guys that were sleeping with your baby's mother and getting ready to attack your mother."

In addition to that, Fif also mentioned that he never gave Tekashi his phone number because he knew the heat was coming and wanted nothing to do with it. "Tekashi 6ix9ine never had my phone number in his phone 'cause I already [knew] the heat that would come [because of] the things that were actually happening," 50 explained. "I didn't want to be involved in that case 'cause I [when] what [was] happening.”

Watch the full interview (below).