50 Cent has an opinion on just about everything, and usually it's as controversial and troll-like as humanly possible, however, his thoughts on Lil Wayne and Birdman's current issues were uncharacteristically level-headed for Fif. The rapper explained to MTV News that due to their relationship, the conflict is much like a familial one, and he feels that it will eventually end in forgiveness.

“I think it’ll work itself out,” said 50. “I hate when personal things become public, because everyone speculates on things that they don’t really know about. I just know that they had a father and son relationship, and that could easily be something they communicate between the two of then, and resolve instead of having everybody else involved in it.”

The rapper also advised that artists not take sides in this type of dispute, because they may find themselves left behind in the end. "Be careful of the things that you say... They may not forgive you," he shared.

Watch the full interview below.