50 Cent has recently been in the headlines concerning his filing for bankruptcy, but his recent interview with DJ Semtex was all about the music. During the sit-down, Fif reflected on the various competitions is his career, whether they be with Kanye West, Ja Rule, or Jay Z. As usual, he made some surprising statements, but generally kept the shade to a minimum, and gave props where it was due.

Check out some key excerpts below. 

On challenging Kanye West's first week sales in 2007:

It didn't make sense to do it at that point, but I was out there on my own. Kanye had the full support of Def Jam because Jay as the president at that point was feeling he was in competition with me, so they were doing everything possible to get that record positioned the right way. They outspent money on the promotions. They beat us in a lot of different ways prior to the number.

On Ja Rule's name deserving to be in the "King of New York" discussion:

That's always gonna be there because you realize Ja was selling more records than Jay Z. His whole run was selling more records than Jay Z. It's like, it shifted in perception. [Jay]'s one of the best businessmen out there 'cause he's been able to maneuver and place himself in the public eye as someone who's accomplished a lot more than, in perspective, they look at it like a lot more."

On Jay Z's ability to get his cred back:

He lost 'Ether' and there ain't no L on his record. Ain't no L on his record because the things that he'd done following that cleaned it off. When I brought Mobb Deep and Ma$e and anybody over to G-Unit and he brought Nas under him to Def Jam and it was like, I think that kinda erased it. 'Cause at that point, he was like, he signed him. He won.

Watch the full interview below.