50 Cent's "Tycoon Weekend" has exploded in popularity of late, perhaps coinciding with Fif's rise as a veritable Lord of Instagram. One glimpse at the raucous and undoubtedly lit party reveals a cavalcade of big spenders, though Wendy Williams was quickly shown the door. Despite her absence, many came through to hold it down, including Snoop Dogg, Tycoon veteran Trey Songz, YFN Lucci, HaHa Davis, Casanova, and more.

Sadly, Bow Wow found himself on the outside looking in, the ramifications of a previous Tycoons-night-out gone awry. Despite vengeful schemes of spiking the main source of Le Chemin Du Roi with a laxative, Bow Wow ultimately scrapped the dung-heavy plan and looked inward. Whilst his contemporaries were losing their religion, Bow Wow partook in some much-needed soul searching,  ultimately emerging unfazed by his recently revoked Tycoon status.


Perhaps Fif found himself missing his young friend, and the antics that tend to follow wherever he goes. Perhaps he was simply moved by Bow Wow's morose black-and-white video cry for help. It's hard to say. Either way, 50 took to Instagram to officially return Bow Wow his Tycoon status, deeming the probationary period over. "TYCOON @shadmoss is officially off probation, after review," writes 50, welcoming his fallen brother back into the fold. It's unclear whether Bow Wow will accept, or if he has moved on from his more hedonistic urges. With Bow Wow once again in the mix, has the Tycoon club returned to its former glory?