Controversy arose when 50 Cent was allegedly arrested for domestic violence for supposedly kicking ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy last month. 50 has since denied all allegations, and been dropped from the MLB all-star bash on account of the circumstance, but the strangest thing to come out of the ordeal is that Fif may have a child that he has never publicly spoken of.

The L.A. City Attorney revealed that Curtis and Daphne had a "child in common" in their report of the incident, while to the public's knowledge, the rapper's only child was his 16-year-old son with Shaniqua Tompkins.

TMZ has now got a hold of the baby's birth certificate, which has left the "father" category blank. THis means that Joy either did not know who the father is, or didn't want to list him for any particular reason.

The baby shares it's last name "Jackson" with Curtis, which once again suggests that the emcee may be the father.

50 has yet to comment on the situation.