There's nothing 50 Cent likes more than an easy target. In the case of Ja Rule's recent Fyre Festival disaster, that easy target happens to overlap with a rapper Fif has had beef with for over a decade. Let's just say, we're not surprised he's taken a jab at Ja on Instagram this weekend.

After the world watched the Ja-founded "luxury" festival fall to pieces before our eyes (thanks to the wonders of social media), and promptly made our own jokes, 50 has now joined in on the fun.

On Sunday, 50 posted a meme of Donald Trump on a laptop with the Google Search caption: "appoint Ja Rule as secretary of festivals." 50 then added his own commentary, writing, "Can't do nothing right."

This isn't the first time 50 has taken to Instagram to post some disparaging memes. He's previously used the platform to tease Rick Ross and Meek Mill, sometimes going overboard with five or more posts in a row.

We've seen 50 Cent and Ja Rule go back and forth not too long ago, but something tells us Ja may just chalk this one up as a loss. However, he does have 2018's festival to make up for the disaster. For now, he's concentrated on getting attendees their refunds.