It's comforting to know that there are some things we can count on no matter what. The sun sets at night and rises in the morning. The tide goes out and comes back in. Floyd Mayweather says or does any little thing and 50 Cent is there to mock him, call him illiterate and punctuate with his go-to "get the strap."

The latest in the long series of these "trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers" chapters comes after the announcement that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will have a rematch. For those who thought the fight wouldn't happen, the payout for the two boxers (win or lose) is too big to pass up (Mayweather earned around $250 million for the last one). The size of the paycheck, which to most would seem like a fact worthy of congratulations and awe, served as fodder for 50 Cent's trash talk. 

The actor/rapper reposted the video that Mayweather himself had uploaded yesterday, which shows him and Pacquiao trading (verbal) jabs and settling on December as the month for their next "nine figure" payday. In his post, 50 Cent makes fun of Floyd for already going through the money he made on the last fight (that $18 million watch might have had something to do with it), saying "We been Knew you finished that money Champ. We can tell when you start doing club visits but l will be tuned in in Dec." For context, Mayweather seems to be doing a club visit in the video, watch it below: