50 Cent wants Pop Smoke's posthumous album to be so good that it ends up winning tons of awards, and he's working so hard on it because of something that the late Brooklyn rapper once told his mother.

For the last week and a bit, New York legend 50 Cent has been offering updates on the status of Pop Smoke's posthumous album, which he will be executive producing. Already, the rapper has lined up Roddy Ricch and a number of others for the body of work, also inviting Post Malone, Drake, Chris Brown, and more to join. The reason why he's going so all-out in recruiting the biggest superstars in the world is because of something Pop Smoke once told his mom, wishing that he would get big enough to bring her to an award show.

Pop Smoke 50 Cent
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"R.I.P Pop Smoke," wrote 50 Cent, sharing a video from his procession through Brooklyn this week. "He told his mom, he wanted to take her to a award show. So i’m gonna make sure his album gets her there."

If the album does end up winning awards, that moment will obviously be bittersweet for the mother of Pop Smoke, since she will not be able to celebrate with her baby. 

Bashar "Pop Smoke" Jackson passed away at the age of twenty after he was shot in his Hollywood Hills rental home. His body was laid to rest in his hometown yesterday.