50 Cent is fed up. Enraged with the response that his Street King energy drink campaign to feed one million hungry children per week has gotten, 50 took to Facebook to lash out at the public.

“The world is so fucked up,” Fif posted on his Facebook page. “People don’t seem to care anymore. People seem to have distanced themselves from other people’s problems, they have been programmed not to care!”

And 50 was just getting started.

“There are one billion-plus people living in extreme poverty,” he continued. “You know what that is? You don’t know if you’re getting your next meal, no shelter, no medical. You have no chance of hustling your way out of it!”

All of 50’s angst is seemingly justified. Last week, he announced that for every person that likes his new energy drink on Facebook, a hungry child will get fed through the UN World Food Programme. This newer effort derives from 50’s overall Street King initiative, used to.