Yesterday, 50 Cent posted a picture of himself next to a teary-eyed kid named Davian. He told his followers that the boy, whom he had met for the first time, happens to be his son. He also joked about future child support payments, writing, "I was thinking why you crying I gotta pay for this shit. LMAO." Today, 50 has continued to post about Davian on his Instagram, this time sharing what looks like a praiseworthy email, apparently sent by a teacher or administrator from Davian's New York City elementary school. 

In the email, the educator reports to Fif that his newly discovered son is one of the top students in the entire fifth grade and that he scored a perfect score on the "citywide ELA English exam." The letter goes on to state that Davian's school has recommended him for a placement in the Hunter College Summer Intensive Program, which is "offered to some of the city's highest placing students grades 5-10." 

"I NEVER DID THIS GOOD," wrote 50 in the caption of the post. "This kid is smarter than a motherfucker!!!" He then wrote that he wants "Big Floyd to give him some hands." In exchange, Davian could offer Mayweather some help with his literacy. 

Soon after, 50 put up another picture of Davian, shown looking especially dapper. "This is Davian doing his I'm cooler than my dad look," wrote 50. "Talking about meet me at Red Stix. LMAO," he wrote to finish the post, referencing an upscale Chinese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, apparently where Davian wants his pops to take him for their first night out on the town.