Ever since 50 Cent dropped 'Before I Self Destruct' last year and experienced his first true bomb, he's been relatively silent on the rap front. Of course, he's still been acting, pulling publicity stunts and ruthlessly taunting some of the biggest artists in the game, but there haven't been any new verses from the vicious Queens native lately. That all changed over the weekend when 50 heard the new Cee-Lo jam entitled 'F--- You.' 

On the track, 50 dives in to wax poetic about ladies, haters and everything in-between. Fans will be thrilled with his turn. It's very reminiscent of the original Curtis they came to love -- double-time flow, sassy attitude and playful taunts.
"Keep playing games, I'll take her right away," he raps. "50, I really don't like when you talk about my chick/ I think you are just mad, cause she's not your b----/ Cause nobody will f--- with your own/ You're not rich/ Man, I shouldn't even have to tell you this s---."
Yes, it does sound like he's ribbing Cee-Lo a little bit and claiming that he's stealing his woman with his penchant for having tons of cash, but that's the original 50 people love. With this and him screaming at Shyne, it's definitely felt like vintage Curtis lately.