These days, 50 Cent has taken his trolling ways to Twitter. He's experienced some issues with Instagram's censorship, which led him to make a decision. Either continue feeling trapped within the confines of IG's strict guidelines or move over to Twitter where he can say whatever he wants to. Earlier today, he managed to bring Drake into his feud with Conor McGregor. Now, he's lightened his tone a little to joke around with Michael Blackson.

Fiddy may have been joking about sending over $10K to Blackson's mother in Africa but the comedian is holding him to it, asking him to pay up like he said he would. Whether or not the rapper was actually being serious, it seems he really has no choice now. This all began when 50 Cent shared a photo of a wad of cash, writing that he would be sending it all to Blackson's mother in Africa. In his words, "Micheal blackson’s [sic] mom is cooler then [sic] these h*e’s." The comedian seemed to be open to the idea, letting it be known that he doesn't play around with his family's money. He said, "My mom and my village really appreciate you @50cent and don’t do us like Drake did Shiggy." He went so far as to say his mother was already waiting at the Western Union, inviting him to send the $10K right away. If he doesn't, she's getting "the strap and the spear."

Check out all the posts below. You think Fiddy will come through?