Blac Chyna's quest for true love has landed her with yet another youngster, the 19-year-old boxer, Devin Haney.

Their relationship became known to the world when Chyna flaunted her new man on her Instagram account, officially confirming the rumors that she and her previous flame, YBN Almighty Jay, had broken up for good. Chyna is certainly quick to move on, as last night it was reported that she and Haney had been dating for months, presumably while she was still in a relationship with Almighty Jay.

50 Cent, being a big fan of boxing and combat sports, knew all about Haney before he ever ran into Blac Chyna. While 50 was initially impressed with Haney, after seeing that he was in a relationship with Chyna, 50 decided to rescind his praise. 

"lm taking all the good shit I said about this kid back," 50 said in the caption of an Instagram post today. 

50 is a bit of a gossip monger himself, so he's definitely aware of Blac Chyna, and has his own impression of her and what she gets up to. In the remainder of his caption, 50 warns Haney about the potential dangers of dating Chyna.

"What the fuck, she to advanced smh🤦‍♂️," 50 wrote. "chyna will have this nigga some where getting high. LOL no good nigga 🏃🏽‍♂️💨RUN."

It seems that 50 doesn't think that Chyna will be a good influence on the young and impressionable Haney, but it remains to be seen just how real the love between Haney and Chyna truly is. Check out 50's warning to Haney below.