The second 50 Cent sees anyone talk about him on The Wendy Williams Show, you know he's bound to respond to it. He's publicly beefed with Wendy Williams in the past and he's never fond when she has people on her show speaking on his name. Earlier today, Vivica A. Fox got candid about her relationship and revealed that it "haunts" her because she claims that he was going to propose to her. It's unsure how valid these claims are, but 50 Cent doesn't seem to happy about her spilling the tea.

50 Cent took to his favorite social media platform to speak on Vivica A. Fox's interview on Wendy Williams. After claiming that he wanted to propose, 50 Cent posted a screenshot of Fox on the Wendy Williams Show set. "What the fuck is going on here man Damn. Smh." he wrote, "get the strappp NOW ! #lecheminduroi." 

While he used the moment to plug his new champagne, he also decided to take his trolling efforts to the comment section. The rapper said that he's practicing in abstinence and that people should "stay away from the blue ones."

Fif and Fox haven't been together for a long time but their former relationship came back to headlines after a snippet of her book surfaced where she described what their sex life was like.