We certainly know 50 Cent stays busy with business, whether it be keeping his face alive on the interweb thanks to a constant social media presence, or else working on movies, TV shows, or 'other'-- he's got a full plate. He shared some of what's on his plate day-today in a new New York Times profile, where the publication gets a first-hand account of the rapper's Sunday routine, from dawn til dusk.

The rapper starts by recounting his wake-up time, typically around 9 AM, before wolfing down four egg whites and heading to the gym-- one of two he's a member of-- for a work out with his personal trainer. As the day goes on, we find out this is one of two gym sessions on Sunday. Yeesh. 

As for music and business, he reveals that he's launching a Champagne next year (although no word on what its called) "because it’s my favorite drink." He also reveals he's considering signing a new rapper to G-Unit, by the name of Leonard Grant. Let us know in the comments if you're familiar with him.

Finally, he heads to the studio, where he reveals he is still (!!) recording his long-awaited Street King Immortal album. "On most Sundays, I go into the studio to record my music and meet my producers there. There are no windows so it’s very easy to lose track of time. I could be there six hours and not even feel it. Right now I’m in the middle of recording my sixth album, but it’s as thrilling as my first."

He continues, "There’s no set time when I leave the studio. It could be midnight, it could be 3 a.m. Then I usually go home, and I’ll watch TV. I recently watched the HBO show “The Deuce.” Maggie Gyllenhaal and I were on a talk show together recently, and she’s great, and her brother Jake and I did the movie “Southpaw” together. I will also watch Netflix, and then I get some sleep."

Who's ready for Street King Immortal, finally?