Nobody ever thought the day would come when 50 Cent and Wendy Williams called a truce. Years and years of beefing was finally put to rest after Wendy admitted that she used to champion Fif in the early days of his career. Despite the fact that they've both decided to quiet down on the beef, that doesn't mean that Wendy is exempt from online trolling.

Without any provocation, Fif decided to crack on Wendy Williams for shits and giggles. In anticipation for the Halloween season, he decided to share a Nightmare On Elm Street meme with a photoshopped Wendy hugging him. "First I hate you but now I love you 50. yeah I know but chill out bitch. LOL," he captioned the photo.

Wendy isn't a stupid person and apparently, saw this coming. According to Hollywood Life, Wendy wasn't even expecting Fif to extend an olive branch, let alone say anything positive. However, she didn't think that Fif would play nice for long.

“She’s not expecting any huge turn around from him,” a source close to Wendy said. “Wendy knows that this is probably a temporary situation with 50 and that she will probably get made fun of in the near future by him over something or other real soon. She is not taking this as a win, she is trying to avoid it as much as she avoids when he is mean.”

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images