Verzuz has been among the hottest topics in hip-hop this year, especially among the older generation of MCs. Most rappers out right now don't seem too keen on celebrating their catalog, especially when they're still working tirelessly to build it even further. However, the OGs have stepped to the plate to go hit-for-hit, though they often play out as a cultural celebration among two revered artists.

 Peter Kramer/Getty Images

50 Cent has been a name often thrown around, though he hasn't shown any interest in it whatsoever. Largely because he doesn't appear to be interested in going song-for-song with T.I. who he feels isn't a worthy opponent. But, it's a bit deeper than that. Fif explained in his recent interview with Big Boy that the Verzuz battles were appealing to him when we were on lockdown. 

"If you think about, from my time period, there's nothing that can match that run," Fif said about getting involved in Verzuz, implying that there's no one from that era that would make it a fair match up.

When asked who he'd go against, Fif said that The Game would probably be the only person who would make sense. Over the weekend, Wack 100 put out a public call to 50 Cent and The Game to go hit-for-hit on the Swizz Beatz & Timbo-led production. However, Fif did lay down the rules.

"You know what? Look. Okay, he can't play no records with my voice on it," Fif said with a grin on his face before admitting that The Game "got some hits."

"As much as we argued and fought in the early stages, I would rather see him benefit from the momentum than someone else," he said. "He was still part of G-Unit and is gonna be a part of the legacy of -- overall. Even if you just want to focus on the break up."

If Gucci Mane and Jeezy can face off in the Verzuz ring then so can 50 Cent and The Game. Peep the interview with Big Boy below. The bit on Verzuz begins around the 13-min mark.