50 Cent has mixed feelings about Eminem's well-received response record to Machine Gun Kelly. That didn't stop him from going along with the fanfare, as a good friend should. Apparently, Eminem's "KILLSHOT" response record was the strongest debut in YouTube's streaming/chart history. 50 decided to give his old friend daps in true "Curtis" fashion, by dragging the boot along with it. His message: "Man do you see this shit, Think about it the Biggest hip hop song on YouTube now everybody gotta take an L because of MGK, what the fuck."

The message is quite evident, due to Machine Gun Kelly touching the forbidden amulet, normally worn by Eminem in times of "unrest," a dispirited force that lay dormant re-emerged threatening all records that were thought unbreakable. This is high praise coming from someone who's held many records of his own, most of which were achieved before the 2nd wave of digital streaming.  

50 Cent is a few days removed from comparing Eminem's sudden awakening to the scene in Batman where The Joker detonates a hospital and walks out grinning. Must I remind you of the role dispersal they hatched out on "GATman & Robbin." 50 Cent isn't used to playing second fiddle.