All week, 50 Cent's Instagram activity has been dedicated to his longtime rival Floyd Mayweather. We've been updating you on what type of action is taking place on his social media channels, with much of his energy going toward Floyd and luxury fashion brand Gucci. After Mayweather told a photographer that he didn't care at all about the controversy the brand is facing after releasing a sweater that resembles somebody wearing blackface, Fiddy has made it a point to entertain the exact opposite. He went on the 'gram and burned one of his Gucci t-shirts, telling fans that he would donate the rest to the homeless. Now, the rapper and entrepreneur has taken things a step even further by putting his Photoshop skills to work, editing an existing photo of the boxing champ to add the infamous blackface sweater. 

Whether he used a professional software or Microsoft Paint, Fif went ham with his coloring skills, drawing the balaclava sweater to cover Floyd's mouth. After all, the boxer did spend thousands of dollars at Gucci the other day. Maybe he found one of the sweaters in the back and copped it for himself. 

"Get the fuck outta here Champ," wrote Curtis in his caption. This feud will obviously continue. Both men absolutely despise each other. Floyd hasn't given 50 much attention in a while, probably blocking his content on social media, but that's not going to stop Fif from trying to get the leg up.