Maybe 50 Cent will have better luck with his next one because, after disowning one child, the rapper-turned-entrepreneur is thinking of having another baby. However, his kid will need to be different from Marquise and Sire. That's right -- 50 Cent officially has baby fever after checking out a photo of Chris Brown's children Royalty and Aeko, but he's adamant that he wants a girl this time around.

Posting a picture of Royalty and Aeko Brown side-by-side to Instagram, 50 Cent swooned over the superstar singer's children before noting that he's officially inspired to start trying with his girlfriend Cuban Link. "Look at this, i think i need me a girl then i’m done CB," wrote Fiddy as his caption.

50 Cent kids
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As it stands, 50 Cent has two children: Marquise and Sire Jackson. While he loves the hell out of his younger son, Marquise has just-about been cut off from the bank of Curtis Jackson. The two have been at odds for years, stemming from Jackson's feud with his baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins. 

Cuban Link, Fif's current girlfriend, has not announced anything that may suggest she's pregnant. However, it looks like 50 Cent wouldn't be upset if she were to end up giving birth to his third child. Let's just hope it's a girl though, for Fif's sake.