50 Cent's latest endeavor in the Liquor Industry takes him to the sandy shores of France. XXl first reported that 50 put pen to paper on a lucrative partnership with a French Cognac maker with office in the Rotten Apple. 50 Cent posted a celebratory picture of his liquor haul. The Branson bottle is tastefully designed for the individual with moderate taste buds and a penchant for showing off. Not much else is known about the product because it appears to be stuck in the patent phase of production. More on that in a bit.   

50 Cent's other ventures into the liquor business have proven costly. He doesn't seem risk averse when it comes to venturing into parts known. In fact he's pulled the plug precisely at the right time, several times over. Although company spokesmen deny it, 50 claims to have sold his stake in Effen Vodka for $60 Million. 

All the while, 50 continues to ready his line of Champagne from the production line to store shelves. Le Chemin Du Roi is fully branded with a flashy package design emblazoned at the nape of the bottle. 50 Cent claims his business acumen is what led him to declare bankruptcy in 2015, a mere $22 million in the bucket reset his modus operandi as a Venture Capitalist. Never the less, there's a strong possibility 50 can capitalize off the popularity of Cognac brands such as Rémy Martin and Hennessy, especially if Branson is priced competitively.