Though 50 Cent recently turned his attention back to Puffy (who was recently accused of putting out a $1 million hit on Tupac), he's still got plenty of trolling saved up for Meek Mill. Last month, the Philly rapper dissed 50 on the 4/4 track "Gave Em Hope," and the G-Unit rapper clapped back with a seemingly endless barrage of memes.

During a concert at the end of last month, he got the crowd chanting "fuck Meek Mill!," and just last night, during a show in Oakland, he continued the pettiness, as he hoisted up a T-shirt that reads "R.I.P. Meek Mill 1987-2015," much to the crowd's delight.

Of course, 50 didn't go at Meek until this year, so the shirt presumes that Meek's death coincided with the release of Drake's "Back to Back." Regardless, he was more than happy to use the shirt as means to sneak in another jab at the MMG emcee. 

Surprisingly, the G-Unit boss is still yet to address the recent remarks of Jay Electronica, who, yesterday, threatened to "slap 50 Cent's eyeballs loose out his scalp." Electronica also called Kendrick Lamar "his son," so maybe his boasts don't deserve any attention.