Colin Kaepernick and 50 Cent may not have much in common but 50's motto when it comes to trolling sounds pretty familiar to Kaep: "Just do it." A minimal amount of thought goes into the curation of Fiddy's Instagram page. He posts what he wants and he's genuinely unapologetic about it. If you're offended by his content, he invites you to unfollow him. With this in mind, he's been on a tear recently as he uses Colin Kaepernick's new Nike campaign as a template to troll his usual suspects. Kanye West got a post, Eminemgot one too. While the first two were worth a short laugh, this one will get you howling.

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent do not like each other at all. The two went back and forth a few weeks ago cracking jokes about Floyd's illiteracy and Fif's role on Power. While the jokes about Mayweather not being able to read or write get old after a while, the short break seems to have enhanced the reach of 50's newest meme. Using Kaepernick's ad as a base, the "Get The Strap" artist used a black-and-white photo of Mayweather and sprawled some gibberish over it to make it seem like a meaningful quote. Curtis went on to say the boxer must have made it in his spare time, captioning the photo, "champ must have done this one himself. LOL get the strap."

You have to admit, this is pretty funny. The comments section is flooded with laughing emojis, mimicking people's reactions IRL. Do you think Floyd will respond?