After a brief departure, 50 Cent has once again returned to Instagram. Though his absence was shorter than the average pee break, 50 Cent's homecoming to the social media network felt inevitable. Twitter's spontaneous charms might have been appealing to the G-Unit legend for a moment, but the groundwork he put down on IG might have taken months to replicate. Perhaps even years. Now, like George Costanza boldly returning to his job after being fired, 50 Cent has reclaimed his rightful place in the online landscape, feet on the table. 

While he's occasionally used his platform to ridicule his peers, his message this time around is more cryptic than usual. We all know rappers love chess, frequently reminding detractors that they're playing "chess, and not checkers." Clearly, 50 is of a similar mindset. Flanked by two black, lifeless squares, 50 Cent has posted a picture of a "King," the most powerful yet ultimately vulnerable piece on the board. It's unclear whether 50 is representing himself as the king, or simply making a comment on his own Machiavellian nature. Either way, we're glad to have him back