50 Cent's shitlist has grown well beyond the length of some young adult novels, lined with names ranging from rappers to actors, politicians to police officers. Back in February of 2019, Fif found himself at odds with one Emmanuel Gonzalez of the NYPD, after the officer encouraged his fellow colleagues to shoot the rapper on sight. The comment clearly did not settle well, and 50 began an Instagram crusade in a valiant attempt to drain the NYPD swamp of crooked police seeking to tarnish the badge. And though his initial attempts appeared dulled in their efficacy, 50 has once again found himself enjoying the last laugh.

50 Cent Police Officer

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"Remember this guy Commanding officer Gonzalez from the 72 precinct," writes Fif, tempting us to relaunch the longrunning series "50 Cent's Targets Of The Week." "They bust his ass down to auxiliary no more Strap just a flashlight and badge. LOL. He Top flight security now, I see you, i see you. LOL." 

In the picture itself, 50 highlights an article from the New York Post breaking down the situation. "The NYPD has transferred an embattled Brooklyn precinct commanding officer — who once told his cops to shoot rapper 50 Cent “on sight” — to a post that’s considered a demotion," it reads. The exact position is one on the Auxiliary force, who are tasked with "observing and reporting conditions requiring the services of the regular police."

Considering that Gonzalez was once a commanding officer, it's understandable as to why he views this to be a demotion. Be that as it may, it's hard not to feel like karma came into play -- what might have happened had a trigger-happy officer taken Gonzalez's request seriously? Villanous though 50 Cent may be, it's hard not to root for the legendary rapper -- even when he reaches his most chaotic states. Given the potential severity of the situation, however, Fif actually felt like a victim for once. And damned if that will stop him from gloating.